I am a Breast Cancer Patient…

and am in remission at the time.  I was one of the patient’s who participated in the University of Calgary Lite Study Program and I really felt the ‘light’ helped lift my spirits, help with fatigue and improve my overall moods while recuperating from Chemotherapy and Radiation.

I just want to thank you for sending me the new “Litebook Edge” as a complimentary free item for participating in the study.  I am a strong believer that anything we can all learn and do to help cancer patients overcome some of the issues their bodies and minds go through during cancer treatments and after is always a good thing!  I truly believe the ‘Lite Therapy’ helped me!

Thank you again for your kindness!

S Harrison

The headaches controlled by life…

In reference to my June 7, 2011 letter, I would like to give you an update on my progress to date. The best way I can describe it is to say I am a new person, or that because of LITEBOOK I am living a new life. As I stated in my last letter I suffered migraines for 28 years, the headaches controlled my life.

I have tried pretty much every drug on the market for migraines; Amitriptyline, Amerge, Imitrex (injections, nasal spray, and pills), Mixalt, Zoming, Propranolol(Inderal), and Demerol. I also tried horomone injections, and accupuncture treatments. Some have helped a little if taken in time, others did nothing for the pain. My migraines lasted from hours to several days, 9 years ago I had a migraine that lasted for 10 days and almost took my life. I was in such pain and was so exhausted I didn’t even realize the amount of pain pills that I was taking. After 3 or 4 days I noticed a ringing in my ears and I felt off balanced, thinking maybe I had an ear infection but the migraine was so bad. I just needed the pain to ease enough for me to get out to see the Doctor, well on the 10th say I woke up in the hospital, with no idea how I got there.

I was in so much pain for so long and desparate for relief that overdose on pain mediacation. This was not something that I had done intentionally, I didn’t swallow a bunch of pills to end my life, I was not even realizing how many pills I was taking, there were 13 tylenol still in my stomach that had not dissolved yet. I am very lucky to be alive.

There have been times since that, when I have a really bad migraine that I look back and really think why I am still here. I will have the rest of my life to suffer this pain and there will never be a cure, not a very bright outlook on life. Thanks to people who invented LITEBOOK, I now have a wonderful life. I am enjoying life to the fullest, I am so thankful that I did get to the hospital in time 9 years ago, now I can enjoy my life.
I can have a life with my 8 Grandchildren and not have to always say please be a little quieter, Grandma has a headache.

I have been using LITEBOOK for 8 months now and have not had a migraine since I have been using it. LITEBOOK has helped me with more than migraines, I am sleeping much better, and have a more positive outlook on life now.

I was a smoker for almost 40 years, smoking was like a crutch to me. If I was worried, I smoked, If I could not sleep I smoked, when I had a headaache, I smoked. I got to where I pretty much was a chain smoker, but on Sept 19, 2011 that changed too. I quit smoking and have no desire to take another puff. I am not saying that LITEBOOK helps people quit smoking, I am saying LITEBOOK has helped me so much with other issues in my life that I have more confidence to quit smoking. I no longer need cigarettes as a crutch. I now have two daughter and a grandson using the LITEBOOK.

My oldest daughter siffered migraines and is having success using the LITEBOOK. My youngest daughter has been battling depression for the past year, she has been using LITEBOOK for 5 months, the change in her is very impressive. She seems to have a whole new outlook on things, it is so good to see her enjoying life again.

My grandson who is just 8 years old started having panic attacks and depression just after a tragic accident took the life of his older brother 3 years ago. Councelling was the only thing that we knew of to help him. I watched him go through so much and was helpless to do anything for him. In June of this year we tried him with LITEBOOK, the difference in him is just amazing, he is once again a happy boy and is enjoying life. He still gets upset at times but he is no longer in a deep depression, as he was before LITEBOOK.

I wish I had known about LITEBOOK at the start of my battle with migraines, but I only found out about it last year. I have been using the LITEBOOK for 8 months and I can honestly say it has been the best 8 months of the last 28 years.

In closing I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. If you are not alreadya LITEBOOK user, you have nothing at all to lose by trying it, but at the same time you may have very much to gain.

Thank you; 
Joy A Medicine Hat, AB



Let me congratulate you on a fine product. Last year I acquired a Litebook, and it was the first winter in many years that I didn’t suffer from SAD. Ironically, I remember reading an article in Scientific American, perhaps as long as 20 years ago, about the potential benefits of light therapy.

I also congratulate you as a Canadian entrepreneur. From my own experience, it isn’t an easy role, but can be rewarding on many levels. I wish you the best of success.



Dear Litebook…

Your Litebook has given me back my life. Instead of sleeping 2 hours in the afternoon then being groggy awake for another hour I have broken the nap routine. At first it was hard, sitting with the Litebook about 2 to 3 each afternoon with my body urging me to ‘Take a nap’ I resisted & after about 4 weeks I had won! If I do take a nap because I had to get up extra early or worked hard in the yard or something similar I only sleep about 30 to 60 minutes & wake up feeling fine. I even wake up in the morning about an hour earlier than I use to & have full day to use. One great thing is it is easily portable & If I have some light left in the morning after my get up routine I just take it to the kitchen & put it on the table. In the afternoon I either read or put it by the computer. It is amazing what this Litebook can do for you. My sleep doctor gave me 4 or 5 companies to research but she showed me the one she uses, the Litebook & that was good enough for me. I don’t even fear the horrible month of Feb. It may be the shortest month of the year but for me it was the longest. Dec. I’m busy with Christmas, Jan. is straighten up, start looking at garden catalogues but Feb. I just can’t stand anymore dark days so I slept all the time. This year will be different. Try it, it may not add years to your life but it will add hours to your day.

J. McLain


I have been…

dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for decades and have used St. John’s Wort and, subsequently, 5-HTP with pretty reliable results for the past twenty years. I had known about light therapy and the results showing the effectiveness of light boxes for at least fifteen years but I was not about to clutter up my breakfast table with one of those huge things. I like to talk to my wife over breakfast and to see her face when I do so. Two years ago I purchased a Litebook Elite having been attracted to its compact size. This is the second Fall I’ve relied on the Litebook and I have not had to use any 5-HTP to be free of SAD symptoms. I enthusiastically recommend this device.

John P. Gallagher, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, H.S.P.P.
Indianapolis, IN


I was skeptical…

that a little box-like light could change the way I cope with winter and was thankful that the place where I purchased the Litebook was willing to refund my money if I wasn’t happy after two weeks.

My husband and I took turns using it, twice a day for 15 minutes, once when we woke and again before 3pm. Within a very short time, we were feeling more positive, less depressed about winter and, well, just about everything.

Every year, we escape the cold for a few weeks. Last year was the first time in 20 years we didn’t leave town. In fact, winter was just fine. We can only attribute this to the Litebook. Nothing else changed.

We pull our Litebook out around the autumn solstice, September 21st when the sunlight begins to fade and the nights get longer. Almost immediately we felt better.

Miracle? For us it has been. Now, there’s no way you could pry our Litebook from our grip!”



I have been suffering from depression since I was sixteen….

and I am now sixty seven, so I have felt emotional pain on all levels. When I was young, my parents sent me for help, and from that day on I was taking medication for my problem. The medication would work for a period of time, and then I would fall into another deep depression, and have to come out of hiding and go to the doctor, who intern put me on another medication. I have tried a lot of meds, some worked, some not. Later on in life I realized that the dark days of fall and winter were making it hard for me to cope, until some one told me about Litebook. I purchased a litebook and turn it on for a half hour in the morning, and it gives me that boost to meet the new day. I recently had a problem with my litebook so I could not us it, and my mood started to go down hill. I got a hold of the nice people at the litebook Company, who told me how to fix my light. Now I am back on track and staying on top of my life. Thank You Litebook.

Charles Stewart


Even as far south as Texas, I suffer from a nasty cast of Winter Blues…

In 2006, I heard about the Litebook, and ordered one online. That winter was the best I’d felt over the darker months in a long time! It has been a reliable winter companion ever since.

Nearly 7 years later, I had a moment of worry when it didn’t fire up upon the first use of the season. I emailed customer support and got a rapid response. A few troubleshooting steps later, my Litebook is back in service, and I couldn’t be happier.

I am thrilled with the product, and delighted by the prompt and courteous customer service I received this morning. Thank you for all you do to make the winter season better!

Susan from Austin, TX 


In early 2013, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer…

and took 37 radiation treatments in April, May and June which was very fatiguing. In conversation with the Lite Book Company I tried their Light book. I cannot say that it was totally responsible for reducing the fatigue ,  however I have continual to use the product  for it has helped my day to day life and sleeping.The 30 minutes each morning is restful and refreshing. I intend to continue with my Lite Book.

Cliff Wright, Alberta 


During fall, going into winter months, I was feeling S.A.D…

during this time, I also had family crisis that I had to deal with. This affected my productivity, tolerance level, mood & sleep.

Fortunately, I read years ago, how winter without sunshine affects all of us. (Also taking vitamin “D”, the sunshine vitamin helps) My self diagnosis without going to the doctor for anti-depressants. It worked!

I was watching “the shopping channel”, in Feb 2008, & they were showing your “Litebook”. I ordered it & it arrived on Feb 13/08 – perfect time for my birthday! The 1st thing I noticed, after using it, was how my mood lifted & I had more energy.

Your “Litebook”, has proven to be an amazing product! I tell my friends because I am so excited to share your “Litebook” & to help others. Your “Litebook” is the top of the line, because I have seen others, they do NOT compare.

P.S. I would be interested in a smaller model to travel with, since we have the technology. 

Thank you.
Theresa, Ontario


Octiber 2014

“After MANY years of depression, both throughout the year, and intolerably during the winter months (I live in southern Ontario, Canada), I discovered the LiteBook.  A friend of mine recommended it to me and I thought, “Anything at this point is worth a try.”  I was not able to get out of bed, hours lost at work, insufferable to be around and dis-abled from daily living.  I ordered 2 LiteBooks, one for myself and for my mother who also suffered during the winter months.  It has been a tremendous investment.  Since using the LiteBook both my mum and I faithfully use it, 20 minutes every morning (in the winter of course it is still dark), usually while reading the newspaper or checking emails before the day begins.  The LiteBook has provided a source of “light” literally and figuratively.  My depression has lessened tremendously over the past 8 years, I am better able to cope with winter, and sleep significantly better (and less!) as a result of the LiteBook.  In terms of my depression, I have used many modalities/accessories to help cope, however, the LiteBook has been integral in my ability to cope and feel emotionally well during these difficult months.  Thank you LiteBook, I am indebted.”

Dana, Dundas, Ontario, Canada