The Litebook® Company has a mandate to support research in light therapy and thus in 2005 established the Litebook® Research Grant, in the amount of US$25,000, to be awarded on an annual basis for research on a novel or emerging application of light therapy, using The Litebook® LED devices. Effective with the 2008 award, the Litebook® Research Grant was increased to US$50,000. Announcement of the grant award is made each year at the annual meeting of the Society for Light Treatment & Biological Rhythms (SLTBR) (

For the 2008 grant, applications were received from researchers worldwide, and the recipient was chosen by an independent Selection Committee comprised of leading researchers in the fields of light therapy, psychiatry, sleep and psychology: Dr. James Maas, Cornell University, USA, Dr. Siegfried Kasper, U of Vienna, Austria and Mr. Cal Koskowich, P.Eng, National Research Council of Canada.

The recipient of the 2008 Litebook® Research Grant was announced by Litebook® founder Larry Pederson at the 2008 SLTBR meeting in Vancouver, Canada on June 26-28. The 2008 grant recipients are Dr. Colin Shapiro and Dr. Sharon Chung of Toronto Western Hospital Dept. of Psychiatry in support of their study ‘Litebook® Bright Light Treatment in combination with Moderate Exercise in Obese and Overweight Individuals: A follow-up study with exploration of mechanisms.’

UPDATE: The Research Grant was suspended in 2009. However, researchers are invited to submit inquires regarding the Grant to and grants may still be awarded on a case by case basis.