Litebook Advantage Manual – ENGLISH (PDF)
LItebook Advantage Manual – FRENCH (Guide d’utilisateur) (PDF)
Litebook Edge Manual – ENGLISH (PDF)
LItebook Edge Manual – FRENCH (Guide d’utilisateur) (PDF)



Litebook Advantage Brochure – ENGLISH (PDF)
LItebook Advantage Brochure – FRENCH  (PDF)
Litebook Edge Brochure – ENGLISH (PDF)
LItebook Edge Brochhure – FRENCH (PDF)
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Insurance Form

Patients in the U.S., Canada and some other countries are often able to obtain a prescription for light therapy from their physician, and increasingly, receive reimbursement from their insurance companies for the purchase of a light therapy device.

Download the Litebook® Insurance Form and ask your physician or health care provider to complete the form or get a similar letter from your physician.

Click here for insurance form.