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Bright light is something our body craves, and when we are exposed to bright light first thing in the morning, we feel more alert and optimistic all day long. That’s why for most people we recommend using your Litebook® as early as possible upon awakening – especially during the shorter, darker days of winter when your body needs it most.

All Litebook® products deliver this natural solution drug-free, virtually side-effect free and completely safely – with no harmful UV. Experience the proven beneficial light wavelengths of Litebook® products, which have helped tens of thousands of people in 50+ countries win their battle with problems ranging from fatigue and low mood to poor sleep and carbohydrate cravings…all with only 15-30 minutes of use per day! We are proud to offer the best quality LED light therapy products backed by our industry-leading 2 year warranty for the Litebook® EDGE™, 5 year warranty for the Litebook® Advantage and 60 day money-back guarantee on both products. (excluding accessories)

Find out why The Litebook® is superior to other light therapy devices.

The Litebook® is the new generation of light therapy, the result of years of research and development in hand-held light therapy devices. The Litebook® features a custom lens and diffusion system which, combined with the high-performance white LEDs that all Litebook® products are known for, produces a uniform field of bright yet soothing light. Additional innovative features for the include an automatic 30 minute timer and a long-lasting built-in rechargeable lithium-ION battery with a charge indicator for the Litebook® EDGE™ – all of this in a compact, sleek design which fits into your lifestyle. When used every day, The Litebook® will improve your mood, increase your energy level and restore your sleep patterns. Most people notice results within 30 days – often sooner.

NOTE: Product ships with 110-240v AC adapter with set of 4 international plug pins for use worldwide.

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How do I use the Litebook®?

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The Litebook® should be positioned approximately 20-24 inches from your face, and should be offset at a 30 to 45 degree angle, like sunlight coming in a window.

The Litebook’s® light beam must be directed at your eyes, and your eyes must be open to achieve benefit.

The Litebook’s® light beam is very bright – like the sun – in order to provide the benefit you seek. You do not stare at The Litebook® – as you do not stare at the sun – although it is not harmful to glance at it occasionally.

Typically, you will recognize when you’ve received sufficient light – most often by feelings of heightened alertness, energy, and/or mood.

How long do I need to use the Litebook®?

Light therapy usage varies with the individual. For instance, usage times for winter blues are typically 15-30 minutes per day. Ideal exposure time for most users is the morning, as early as possible. Additional sessions mid-day and early evening may be indicated, as required. Usage times for some indications will vary. Please consult additional information for your specific needs below.

Review usage information specific to your needs:


How many LUX does the Litebook® provide?

A growing body of research demonstrates that the effectiveness of light therapy is less dependent on the intensity (LUX) of the light source than it is on the wavelength of the light. Numerous research reports on the same peak wavelengths of light emitted by The Litebook® conclude that it is these wavelengths of light that are the ‘action spectrum’ for light therapy. In other words, these wavelengths of light are responsible for increasing energy, improving mood, and restoring sleep patterns. Since the white LEDs in all Litebook® products produce light with peaks in the most effective wavelengths, most users find that they need LESS time (typically 15-30 minutes/day) with Litebook® products than they did with larger 10,000 lux light boxes. Thus, while we no longer refer to the ‘lux’ of our products, we are comfortable stating that The Litebook® emits light that is the equivalent to 10,000 lux at 24 inches.

Can I use the Litebook® in my vehicle?

The Litebook® EDGE™ operates on both AC or DC power, permitting use in a vehicle (through the built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery or an optional auto power adapter). However, due to the intensity of the light source, it is NOT be used by the driver while operating a vehicle, especially at night (night vision is adversely affected by bright light).

The Litebook® may be used safely by the driver ONLY while the vehicle is parked or stationary, provided the user waits several minutes prior to operating the vehicle.

Passengers may enjoy a light session while the vehicle is in motion. Because The Litebook® is designed as a personal light device, this should not interfere with the safe operation of a vehicle.


Is light therapy covered by my insurance or healthcare provider?

Light therapy is recommended by healthcare professionals for combating SAD and other body-clock disruptions in the U.S. and Canada, as well as northern Europe and elsewhere. Patients in the Canada, U.S. and some other countries are able to obtain a prescription for light therapy from a physician, and increasingly, receive reimbursement from insurance companies for the purchase of a light therapy device. (Consult your insurance carrier for possible coverage.)

We provide as a courtesy this form for your physician or health care provider to complete on your behalf. You may then submit the completed form to your insurance carrier along with proof of purchase of your Litebook®.

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