The Litebook® Company Ltd, the pre-eminent producer of leading-edge light therapy products, is also the research leader in advanced white Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, with landmark patents and certifications.


  • U.S. Pat. #6,875,225 B1
  • U.S. Pat. #8,104,481
  • U.S. Pat. #D510,627 S
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  • CDN Pat. #2,403,314
  • EUR Pat. #EP1,272,246 B1
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  • U.S. Pat# D480,480 S



Trademark Number Date Issued            Trademark
Canada Registration TMA 561,453        03/20/2000 The Litebook
US Registration 2,735,212 07/08/2003 Litebook & Design
US Registration 2,893,734 10/12/2004 A Little Lite Goes a Long Way
US Registration 3,111,797 07/04/2006 The Light You Need…Every Day
EU Registration 004411146 06/30/2006 The Light You Need – Every Day



The Litebook® products are certified medical devices by the following directive: