The Litebook® has published clinical data in a peer-reviewed journal on efficacy for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The Litebook’s® patented technology employ the highest quality white light emitting diodes (LEDs) from Japan.

These tiny lights produce an astonishingly bright yet safe beam of light with a specific combination of wavelengths identical to the peak wavelengths of the sun – which turns out to be the wavelengths that our bodies respond to for health and wellbeing – which makes sense since for millions of years, the sun was the original and only light source.


The peak wavelength of the sun is 460 nanometers, in the blue range, with the second peak at 550 nanometers, in the green part of the spectrum. The Litebook® peaks in these exact same wavelengths.

Traditional fluorescent light boxes have a light output (the orange line) that, while it is broad or ‘full spectrum’, peaks at around 600 nanometers – with very little energy in the critical wavelengths of 460nm and 550nm.

The Litebook’s® unique combination of blue and green light results in bright white light – just like the sun.

The Litebook® generates no UV radiation – it is safe for the eyes, safe for the skin.

Only The Litebook® gives you the light exposure your body craves.

The Litebook® is manufactured under the strictest specifications at our state-of-the-art ISO certified facility. Each array of LEDs is individually tested to ensure it produces the precise intensity in the critical wavelengths that match the sun and have been clinically proven to be effective.

Like the sun, the light needs to be bright. You aren’t going to get the benefit from ordinary indoor lighting… or Litebook® knock-offs with inexpensive LEDs. They just don’t have the energy in the critical wavelengths.

Now you can safely bring the sun indoors year-round – with the patented LED technology – available only from The Litebook®.

The Litebook® is “the light you need… every day”®